Broadway Police Department

Mission Statement

The Broadway Police Department is committed to providing law-enforcement and public safety services consistent with the laws and ordinances of the United States, Commonwealth of Virginia and Town of Broadway. We will strive to deliver these services in a professional, courteous and impartial manner to all persons living in or visiting the Town of Broadway.

Broadway Police Department


Officer Information

Full-time Officers: Chief Carl "Randy" Collins, Sgt. Larry M. Good, Patrolman James J. Miller, Patrolman Brandon T. Plogger, and Patrolman Jason Fox.

Part-time Officers: Michael Hardesty, Jeremy Hooke, and Jeff Smith.

Chief's Section

Chief Randy Collins Chief Carl "Randy" Collins: Chief Carl �Randy� Collins: I hope you enjoy living in or visiting our Town. If you need our services or have a question in relation to a police, public safety or police service matter please feel free to contact me or one of our other officers at 540-896-1174 or 540-434-4436. You may also email me at



Police Related Services

  • Public or organizational speaking engagements
  • Resident Job Related Fingerprinting
  • Neighborhood watch assistance


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